Discrete Course Information

Expectations in Discrete Math

Instructor: Mrs. Shannon Anderson        Room: 212


Email and Phone Number: (928)634-7531 ext. 2212


Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during academic overtime from 11:55 to 12:21. Additional times available by appointment.


Textbook: A Survey of Mathematics with Applications Pearson, 2009.

  • I will keep a classroom set for use in my classroom.


Additional Required Materials:

  1. Pencil, eraser, and colored pen for correcting.
  2. ¼” graph paper
  3. Notebook   


How to succeed in this class:

  • Always come to class on time and prepared to work
  • All assigned work will be completed in class.
  • When you are absent you have the same number of days missed to hand in all missed work for full credit. For example, if you are absent for 3 days you have 3 days upon your return to complete the missed items.
  • Missed assignments can be found on my website and will need to be completed during academic overtime.
  • Late work must be handed in by the end of the following week. There will be a 25% reduction of points earned for late work. All late work will take place in academic overtime/office hours.


  • Assessment will occur on a daily basis and will be part of the ongoing educational process to enhance learning. Throughout the school year you will be evaluated as much on process as on product.
  • Your grade in math will be based on your performance on homework, notes, quizzes, and tests. I will always provide you with detailed guidelines for assignments.
  • Grade reports will be available online through .
  • If you do your homework and prepare well for tests and quizzes, you will do fine in this class.

Course Grade Breakdown:                               

  • Tests                                                 
  • Quizzes                                                   
  • Assignments                                          
  • Semester/Final Exam-20%                     
  • Notes                                                     

Grading Scale:

  • A     90%-100%
  • B     80%-89%
  • C     70%-79%
  • D     60%-69%
  • F     Below 60%


*All Mingus Union High School rules will be enforced. See your student handbook for a list of these rules.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (928)634-7531 ext. 2212, or e-mail me at: