Discrete Course Information

Expectations in Discrete Math

Instructor: Mrs. Shannon Anderson       Room: 212

Email and Phone Number: (928)634-7531 ext. 2212

Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 8-8:20 am, Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:30 pm.

Textbook: A Survey of Mathematics with Applications Pearson, 2009.

Additional Required Materials:

  1. Pencil, eraser, and colored pen for correcting.
  2. ¼” graph paper
  3. Notebook 

How to succeed in this class:

  • Always come to class on time and prepared to work (see materials needed listed above)
  • Coming to class prepared also means doing your homework. You will have math homework most nights. In order to learn during class time it is important that you always do your homework.
  • Students will not be excused to get forgotten math supplies or assignments.
  • Chronic unpreparedness will result in parent contact.
  • Late work if handed in at the end of the school day will be given full credit.
  • When you are absent you have the same number of days missed to hand in all missed work. For example, if you are absent for 3 days you have 3 days upon your return to complete the missed items.
  • Missed assignments can be found on my website


  • Assessment will occur on a daily basis and will be part of the ongoing educational process to enhance learning. Throughout the school year you will be evaluated as much on process as on product.
  • Your grade in math will be based on your performance on homework, notes, quizzes, and tests. I will always provide you with detailed guidelines for assignments.
  • Grade reports will be available online through .
  • If you do your homework and prepare well for tests and quizzes, you will do fine in this class.


Course Grade Breakdown:                         Grading Scale

Tests                                                        A  90-100%

Quizzes                                                    B  80-89%

Notes and Assignments                             C  70-79%

Semester/Final Exam-20%                         D  60-69%

                                              F  Below 60%

*All Mingus Union High School rules will be enforced. See your student handbook for a list of these rules.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (928)634-7531 ext. 2212, or e-mail me at: